Content Development

Developing content has always been one of my favorite aspects of creating publications; watching the outlines of ideas for articles come together into a cohesive whole.


The best publication that I have had the privilege of developing and producing content for was CommonCreativ Atlanta. One highlight of this was producing the feature of the Top 50 Creative People in Atlanta for Issue #4; another was producing the profile of Jason Travis for Issue #3, a photographer who has been featured in several national publications, such as Marie Claire.

While working as both Editor in Chief and Managing Editor I researched the local Atlanta area to find people and organizations doing remarkably creative things in their fields, and contacted them to establish a relationship between the magazine while assigning articles on these people and organizations to my writers and photographers, and once I had the materials for an article, I would ensure that it was written well, edit photos as necessary, and publish them online, or pass them along to the production editor to put into the printed magazine. During this time, I managed a freelance team of approximately forty people.

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I also wrote and collected content in my roles as a student editor for Share Art and Literary Magazine and Talon Monthly Features Magazine.