Technology/Social Media

While I have had a very close relationship with the internet and all the wonderful people I could connect to with it since 1996, and have been working with computers since Windows ’93 was the latest and greatest, I have also been using skills I’ve picked up for over five years for professional reasons, as well. I tweet under the handle of  @katagorical. I can also be found on LinkedIn,, and I love the internet for its amazing ability to connect people, and am always looking for new connections and new things to learn.

Professionally, I have used all the skills I’ve gained extensively to generate publications, do promotions, and create and manage website content. I have worked on both Macs and PCs and am very comfortable with both, while also appreciating the strengths of each computer system. I have been working with Microsoft Office applications for at least 10-15 years.  I currently enjoy working on photos in Adobe CS5, and Adobe InDesign is my software of choice for production work on publications. For video editing, into which I occasionally have been known to venture, I am improving my skills in Sony Vegas 9.0 at present, which is no doubt helped by the understanding of film theory I gained while attaining a Film Studies minor in college.

Although it is a convenient feature of WordPress to have a non-HTML based blog-building system, I do know some HTML and can easily go into the HTML of a page and make any corrections necessary, if a rich text system fails to format site posts correctly. Additionally, for building custom sites, I can work with CSS templates to custom specifications. I’m currently teaching myself JavaScript and Ruby through Code Academy, as well.

I use the content management system Paragon Plus (a part of ScholarOne Manuscripts) to track and manage manuscripts for Environmental Science & Technology; I use the Web Of Science database to research potential reviewers for manuscripts.

The work I did with the medical journal Arthritis & Rheumatism involved a different set of skills than did working for CommonCreativ. There, I worked mainly in MS Word to edit manuscripts, create tables, modify figures, and input instructional codes for the printer to use in formatting the articles. I also relied heavily on sending manuscripts to the publisher using YouSendIt, and obtaining raw manuscripts and author information from Manuscript Central, a workflow program by ScholarOne used often the publishing process of peer-reviewed publications.

In my time with the legal journal Essex Human Rights Review, I have worked with production schedules and systems based on Google Documents for tracking multiple manuscripts and their progress among a team, and DropBox for ensuring that all editorial team members were working on the correct version of each manuscript. Both are very useful tools for ensuring clarity and coordination with an entire team.

While in my roles of Managing Editor and Editor in Chief at CommonCreativ Atlanta, I extensively used many internet tools to keep the magazine running smoothly. I used a WordPress template to manage the site, and am very familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress and how useful it can be. I cross-posted all articles to the magazines Facebook page (with just under 700 followers) for maximum exposure, as well as tweeting links to each article.

During the time I worked with Share Art and Literary Magazine (as part of KSU Student Media) I was website content manager in addition to my other roles there. Not only did I keep the site up to date with events, deadlines, and news, but I also designed the graphics for the entire site.